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We have for you one of our favorite nuru massage videos ready. Lately we only had brunettes starring our scenes, so today we brought a sexy blonde instead to change things up a bit. The sexy blonde Mariah Maddisyn wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Billy Glide, for his birthday so she set up a massage for him. He didn’t knew that his girlfriend was the one giving him the massage but he was kind of relived when he saw her wearing nothing but a robe. She prepared a soapy bath for them, then cleaned up in the shower and continued in the massage room. The sexy blonde had a blast pleasing her man on his special day just like she does in the Casana Lei massage video. So in the gallery below you are going to see pretty much everything from blowjobs to rough fucking. Enjoy!



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There is always plenty of new content to check out here at the salon and there’s quite the special collection to check out in this one. Mainly because you get to see some juicy Asian MILF massage videos and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed one bit with the show. The bustyAsa Akira, we’re sure that you will recognize on the spot and she’s very very eager to get to do some superb massaging on this client here today if you know what we mean. But either way, all you need to do is sit back and relax while the busty Asian beauty takes care of the guy’s need in today’s video and enjoy the action that goes down as she gets to use her superbly sexy and masterful hands to make him cum as well. Do enjoy it and see you all soon with new Asa Akira threesome happy ending asian massage videos!



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Hot doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going down in the scene here with miss Asa and this lovely blonde. The sexy ladies were in some juicy action that took the whole afternoon and what you get to see is a lesbian massage xxx video with the two of them here. Watch our blonde little babe lay on the air matress and see Asa beginning to put her hands to use as she starts rubbing oil all along the blonde babe’s simply amazing and juicy body. The latter sits belly down and enjoys the really good hands of Asa making her unwind. Of course, you know that there has to be some kinky sex too, otherwise this wouldn’t be a nuru massage session and we can bet that you will enjoy the superb lesbian sex scene that Akira and her client have for you this time too. See you all soon!

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If you think you saw all the best male massagevids that we have here you are dead wrong and you really need to prepare yourself to see the cute and busty Asian beauty Asa taking care of another make client here this afternoon. The sexy masseuse at the salon knows how to make anyone that gets to be left in her care really good and the guy was going to be having lots and lots of fun with her here. Just take your time to sit back and watch this threesome sex scene as The beautiful babe with her amazingly sexy round tits get to soap up the guy and you can see her massaging his dick right there in the shower too. They got to do more as well but we have a feeling you may want to see that for yourselves. Enjoy the massage videos and see this make client moan in pleasure while he gets to play with the cute and luscious babe Akira today!



 Erotic Massage Videos


Erotic Massage Videos

We know how much you all enjoy seeing a good fuck getting done at the massage parlor and we aim to show off some more of that juicy action to you all for today. This is what we like to call an acceptance massage of sorts as the guy is here for his first ever session and as you can see, the salon was prepared to let him enjoy the treatment of this blonde masseuse with a simply stunning and hot body right here. Let’s just kick back and relax these erotic massage videos as we get to see the amazingly hot and juicy massage performed by this truly stunning and gorgeous blonde woman. Her body curves are out of this world and you can see much more of her around the salon here on the site. Just make sure to check it out. Either way, have fun with this one as with all the rest and we’ll be back soon with more!

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What’s even better than having a great massage done by a sexy nude masseuse as she gets right on top of you? Well the answer is quite simple really, it’s an Asian masseuse doing it. In this Asian massagevids update here you can see such a babe getting around to have her fun this afternoon with the guy and she takes her sweet time with it too as she was kind of into the guy. Specifically his cock, but more about that Tia Ling porn style later. First you will see her undress and use that naked body all oiled up to rub herself against all the guy’s body and make him unwind. And since she has the body curves of a goddess, it’s not hard to realize she got his cock rock hard too, which she also aimed to release. So yeah, see her on top of the guy both for the massage and for a good fuck in these videos and enjoy it.




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You dropped by at just the right time to check out some fresh new images and some pretty sexy bubble massagevids this afternoon. There’s the blonde that you know getting all busy with the new guy in this one and she aims to put on quite the show as she shows off all her skills to the guy for the afternoon. They get into the tub and that’s where the action will mostly go down as this one as we said, is a soapy and bubbly type of massage. Anyway, watch them all naked in the tub and see the gorgeous blonde wash off all of his body and you can still see her pressing her big round breasts into him. And yes, you do get to see them have sex in there as well. Lucky for them they could get as nasty as they wanted and they could easily clean up too afterwards. Enjoy it everyone!

Rebound Massage

This new rebound massage session is one that’s surely going to drive you up the walls with how amazing it is and you just have to see it unfold here this afternoon. The masseuse from the parlor is a more petite babe with long jet black hair and a very very perky body frame. She knows pretty well how good she looks and rest assured that she likes to flaunt it a lot during her massaging sessions as it helps the other guy or babe get more horny when she does her thing. And honestly, who’d not get wild thoughts and fantasies relating to her when she has that fully naked body pressed against you doing her nuru massage. Watch her letting the client massage her sweet pussy with his thick cock as well by the end of this gorgeous show. We’ll be having more amazing shows for you soon!



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In case you wanted to see some more real massage vids, here are some more of them, featuring of course, another one of the simply drop dead gorgeous nuru masseuses that we have at the salon. This japanese sex massage episode features another perky and energetic one and you can see her making her entry with her hair tied up in two cute buns. The guy was already on the inflatable mattress and ready for her hands and body to get to work too and you can bet that she did just that as soon as she got to him. And that feeling of her all natural perky tits against his back must’ve felt real good, because the next thing that you can see, is the beauty wrapping those lips around his man meat and making sure that he moans in pleasure too. When she was done with the massage fully she finished him off and made him blow too!

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Once more we have to show off that the babes here are very much fine with playing with other ladies too. The blonde nutu masseuse here had her hands full with a busty brunette babe that was very stressed out and needed to relax. So yeah, you can expect to see a lot of juicy things going down and lots of especially passionate moans. That was because the blonde babe knows how to push this babe’s buttons perfectly and make her feel true pleasure, hence the moaning and whatnot. Well get ready for this massagevids online session to unfold as you can see the blonde lady rubbing most of her body right on top of the brunette babe and making her more and more horny. Before it’s all said and done you will be able to watch the two of them having some all out hot and steamy lesbian sex too!




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