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Tia Ling is one of our favorite girls from nu ru massage xxx. Today Tia got to massage a younger guy, Seth Gamble. Seth is the guy she calls every time she is horny and this was one of those times. So when Tia saw a free hour in her schedule she grabbed her phone and called Seth to came over to the massage parlor. He came as fast as he could and jumped over the bathtub and the shower and Tia started sucking off his dick. Once he was all hard she took him to the massage room and started riding his dick on the floor. The sexy Asian masseuse had the perfect break.  You have all the pictures below to see it for yourself below. This was all for today but don’t forget to get back for more amazing updates.


Sexy Tia Ling Porn

Tia Ling is one of the best masseuses at the parlor and she gets to have her fair share of favorite clients too of course. Well you can get to watch some sensual and sexy Tia Ling porn this afternoon as the Asian beauty gets to get down and dirty with this lucky stud right here and right now. You of course get to see the whole scene and check out the hot and smoking Tia in action. Watch her putting those masseuse skills to work as she makes this guy feel real good in their time together and then see her getting around to spread her legs for him as she gets to take a nice and hard style pussy pounding too at the end of it all. We’ll be back soon with more juicy content so all you need to do is just sit back, relax and make sure that you don’t miss the action!




Tia Ling Anal Massage

Tia Ling is back again with more sensual and sexy action for you all to check out and she knows that you’ll be eager to check her out getting down and dirty. And as you can clearly see, this is an amazingly got and juicy Tia Ling anal porn scene to boot. That means that you will get to watch the babe do her thing like usual and after she’s done with it you can see that cock penetrating her lovely and tight holes for this afternoon. So check out the babe once more getting that cock deep inside her, specifically her sweet ass today and enjoy the view of her moaning in pleasure throughout the whole thing. Enjoy those cute buns of her getting a good dicking today and have fun with the whole scene. There will be more to check out next week so make sure that you drop by and check it out!



Tia Ling XXX Massage



It’s that time again and that means that we can get to see the lovely and hot miss Tia Ling in action, naturally with a superb Tia Ling XXX scene this afternoon. Watch the sexy and horny Asian masseuse as she gets to have gun with the client in the shower and since he was packing quite the nice and big cock you can watch her eagerly getting all over it this afternoon as she wanted to get to have a taste of it too. Naturally the guy was going to let her do whatever she wants in her lovely show here and you can see those lips wrapping around the dick nicely and sucking it up and down at the end of the massage. The babe is as good with her mouth as she is with her hands and the guy here learned it first hand. She’s going to be back again soon with some more of her shows!


Free Tia Ling Blowjob Scene

If you wanted to see some more sexy and hot Tia Ling blowjob action then you are definitely in the right place to do so today. You know that we have the best masseuses at the salon to take care of everyone’s needs and you have seen Tia work nice and hard on cocks before today too. So you know that she’s all about satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to spending an afternoon with her. Anyway, do sit back and check out this brand new and fresh gallery featuring the babe getting some more action with this lucky stud and you can see her performing some more of her world class cock massaging with that eager mouth of hers. And to boot at the end of it all, you will be seeing her take a nice and sticky load all over her cute and pretty face too!



The Asian Doctor




Tia Ling is quite fit to be the Asian doctor at the salon to be fair as she’s really really good at treating her “patients” very very specially. well who wouldn’t want to have this beauty of an Asian as their doc when she gets to be right on top of them and rub herself all over their bodies with her own naked body too. Do take the time to enjoy the sight of Tia Ling getting to perform the sensual nuru massage on the guy here as well for this one and have fun with it. Tia had lots of fun herself as she does every time and you know by now that the babe enjoys having these clients all to herself every single day. Anyway, watch her massage the guy as usual and then see a nice and passionate fuck unfold with her as well. We’ll see you once more next week with a brand new and fresh update and even more shows!


Hot MasseuseTia Ling Nude

You came to the right place if you want to see the busty Tia Ling nude once more. This time she gets to have some solo time and she decided to have some solo time with the cameras and you as she gets to properly pose for you all to see. So get ready to watch Tia Ling Porn video getting naked and oiled up for you this afternoon as she gets to have her very own solo scene this time. We can assure you that she was very very eager herself to get to do it as you rarely get to see her show off her sexy assets from every possible angle since she’s busy with the massaging or fucking most of the time. Either way, in this one you can watch her take the robe off and show that body in all it’s nude glory and once that’s done, you can also check her out posing all oiled and naked for the rest of it!




Tia Ling Creampie



This new gallery features a nice Tia Ling creampie session as the lovely Asian babe ends another massage session with a great and hard fuck to make this guy truly feel like he’s on cloud nine here today. She knows how to impress of course and the feeling of her perky round breasts pressing on his back and chest must have made this guy feel really good this afternoon as he was getting hard long before the end of the scene was about to come around today. Well rest assured that Tia didn’t let his big hard cock distract her from her job and while massaging him she also stroked his meat to keep it in check. But of course at the end she rides it nice and fast and makes the guy nut, taking his whole load into her eager wet pussy this fine afternoon here today. Enjoy!


Full Tia Ling Feet Massaging

The busty Asian beauty is back in action with her brand new scene here today and you just have to sit back and check it out without fail. The lovely miss presents to you a sexy Tia Ling feet update as she gets to have a client on her hands today, that has a fetish for that and well, since she’s going to be all nude anyway, you can rest assured that she was going to have a wonderful time pleasing him in more ways than one anyway. Check out the whole action scene without delay and see the busty Tia Ling porn video incorporating her sexy feet in the whole process and when the times comes to have a nice fuck, you can also see her giving him a foot job. She still takes that sticky load all over her perky round tits though and we bet that you will enjoy the sight of it too. See you soon!




Tia Ling POV Massage

This new show features the busty Asian babe showing off her cock sucking skills to you all as she gets to blow some meat too, and you can see that sweet Tia Ling POV style shot of her getting kinky. So sit back and enjoy the action as you can watch the beautiful miss Tia getting to do her thing as she always does just for you guys and gals. So anyway, this one takes place in the tub for a change and she gets to give the stud a nice soapy massage to go along with the blowjob at the end too. And of course that’s very very delicious to watch and check out as you can see her giving some juicy tongue action to that nice and big cock this afternoon. Watch the whole thing unfold and this babe sucking cock today and do come back around again to check out even more of her!




Charity Massage

By charity massage we mean that the salon has some free massage days every now and then and of course plenty of eager guys and ladies line up. And it’s mostly to see if they like it enough to become a loyal customer. And that’s also the date in which you get to watch most of the beautiful and busty masseuses come out and show off their skills to impress. Well all of them are good at what they do, but babes like Tia Ling even more so as they make quite the impact on their first impression nuru sessions. Anyway, you can see miss Tia Ling take off that china dress and see her seduce this guy easily. She pretty much had him hard like a rock from when she started and she was happy about it. So check her out delivering the classy treatment and enjoy the view!



Full Tia Ling Porn Massage



We have a juicy and impressive Tia Ling porn scene to check out this time as well and you absolutely need to make sure that you don’t miss out on it today. There’s another show in the bath tub with the busty and sexy Tia Ling and her client and this is one of her favorites, so you can bet that she is quite happy to get down and dirty in this one here. Check her out as she gets around to use her body for the sensual and sexy nuru massage this afternoon and once she’s done with the hard work it’s time for some all out relaxation. And by that we of course mean, some nice and hard cock riding as miss Tia Ling gets to suck that cock in HD today right here and right now. Enjoy it as always and do come back for some more juicy action next week everyone!


Tia Ling Handjob


The lovely Asian masseuse is back with a Tia Ling handjob show this afternoon and you just have to see her in action. This guy is here for the first time as well and miss Tia is more that eager to get to impress the guy from the first time they get to spend together. The busty masseuse is all ready for him with the nuru massage and you can of course just check that out. But the best thing to see by far, is the cutie as she starts to tease his cock at the end to make sure that he’s rock hard and ready for her pussy. Watch her place it between her legs and see her stroking it fast and hard. And you can see her do that until she makes him blow his load. But this babe wasn’t going to be done until she made him nut inside her sweet cunt today as well. So make sure to check that out too!

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