Nuru Massage – The ballers sent me

If you know the nuru massage password a world of sexual adventures is at your feet. When this guy was sent there by his basketball team he had no idea what kind of massage will he get, but Cameron soon showed him what is this all about. First she started rubbing his body, and when she took his cock in her mouth she gets very horny and decides to let him fuck her! Well if there’s one thing that you need to know about this fresh blonde, is that if she gets her eyes on you and wants to fuck you, you’ll be getting a happy end one way or another.

She’s known to fuck all the clients that she fancies quite a lot, and it seems that that’s pretty much all of them. And how could one refuse the request of such a cute and sexy little lady when she wants to get wild and nasty. It was surely not this guy either, as he was more than happy to pump her pussy full of cock for this nice afternoon. So take your time, and see this babe fucked missionary style on the inflatable massage bed with her legs spread open as she moans in pleasure the whole time or see the hot Kortney Kane massage happy ending! It’s quite amazing and make sure that you don’t miss it!


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Asa Akira and Victoria Lawson

Victoria has a shop where she is selling dresses and Asa Akira stopped by on her way to nuru massage house where she is working. After watching all kind of dresses she decided not to buy because she was low on money, but finally the girls made a deal. Asa will give to Victoria a nurumassage in exchange of the dresses. When Victoria showed up Asa didn’t wasted the time, and both got naked. First Asa rubbed her nice big boobs and then started fingering and licking her pussy. It seems that miss Asa was requested to bring her A game for another sexy babe.


And she was more than happy to do it too. Take your time to see her in action with this sexy lady named Victoria as she needed a nice and long unwinding session with an expert in this kind of thing. She couldn’t have had anyone better to take care of her anyway, as miss Akira knows how to relieve stress quite well. Watch Akira spreading miss Victoria’s sexy long legs, and see her using her expert tongue to work that nice and eager pussy until the babe orgasms and cums like a little fountain too. She’s going to be coming back for more too it seems!

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Nuru Massage – Joey Brass

Joey Brass heard about this nuru massage house and went to meet with Arial Rose for a massage because he ha been very stressed lately. She instantly got attracted to this hot handsome guy and by the time she got naked he was already hard. They stepped into the shower and she started to rub his body, but she couldn’t help herself and took his cock in her mouth and then in her pussy! Joey always likes to sample the new babes that are around, and this time he had his eyes set on the sexy and cute babe named Rose to have fun with for the afternoon.

The sexy babe has a very cute and perky pair of tits and apart from a very cute face too, she has a rather energetic personality too. Well that was all that Joey wanted, as he himself has lots of stamina to play naughty. Take the time to see them fooling around in the shower and playing with one another’s hot bodies and private parts too. It seems that neither of them cared about the massage in the end, and they just ended up having hard style sex. Have fun with their scene and do come back next week for another fresh and hot update as always!


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NuruMassage – Right in time

Eric Masterson heard about the nurumassage from his girlfriends best friend who works there. He decided to go and check up that place, and Bailey was working that day. Even though she was not supposed to give him a massage, she did it anyway, in fact she got his whole cock in her mouth, and sucked him until he exploded on her boobs! This sexy blonde is always looking forward to having some extra fun with the guys that she gets, and this fine afternoon, she’s all set to have her way with this client of hers for the afternoon. So let’s watch her work.


Like all the sexy and hot babes here, this lady is more than just an expert in the ways of massaging a body, she’s a true sensual artist, and she prides herself on that too. So let’s see her at work as she uses her masterful skills to please this lucky man. Take your time to see her rubbing herself against his body with her own, making him feel really good too. And like we said, for a superb and amazing end, you get to watch the guy getting a tit fuck from her as well, and he ends up blowing a huge load all over her perky natural tits too. Have fun with this scene everyone!

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A day with sexy Asia

Mark heard so many things about the nuru massage house that he decided to go there and so he met sexy Asia who asked him to get naked, then she stripped off her clothes and both stepped in the shower. She started rubbing his body then she took his cock in her hands and started streaking it, and finally she took his cock in her mouth until he exploded down her throat! As you can see, miss Asia is quite the petite and cute little babe. And she knows her stuff when it comes to taking care of men and their bodies, so let’s see her in action today without delay shall we?

This stud is nearly two heads taller than her, but she has no problem with that either. The guy was concerned about her being able to take him on, but by the end she proved more than just capable. So just sit back and watch this small and petite cutie as she does her best performance while taking care of this guy and his hard cock. Take your time to see him moan as the babe gives him a expert hand job, stroking his meat shaft fast and hard until he ends up blowing a nice and big load in the shower today. We know you’ll love it and we’ll be seeing you soon with more!


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Nuru Massage – The golfer

Alan is a golf player who needed to relax after having to many games so he goes to the nuru massage house where he meets Jules, who is more then happy to help him out. They both get naked and step in the shower together where Jules starts running her hands all over his body, then she starts playing and stroking his cock and finally gives him an amazing blowjob! Well one thing you need to know about Jules here is that she’s a master at teasing and drawing things out as much as possible, only to make the climax that much sweeter for her and her client.

stunning babe giving nuru massage

As this fresh week rolled on by, there was no way we were missing the chance to bring you the amazing scene with her. This guy knows exactly what he’s in for, as he just adores her sensual methods. Watch her massaging his body in the shower, and see her slowly making her way towards his rock hard cock from all the touching and teasing. And as she gets to stroke his cock faster and harder she kisses him passionately as well. He ends up blowing quite the huge load of her abdomen and her tits in the end too, so have fun seeing this scene everyone!

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After a hard day of work

After a hard day of work all that Jack wanted is to go and get a nuru massage. Abby was already waiting him and as soon as he got there they got naked and stepped into the shower where Abby rubbed soap on his body and let him play with her boobs, then they got on the air mattress where she rubbed oil on his skin and slide her body up and down on him, then she sucked his cock until he exploded in her mouth! This guy was in quick need of relaxing, and sexy Abby here was all over this to make sure he gets to feel good for this afternoon. So let’s see the action.

Abby likes to take care of men that are overworked and come totally spent, as after some time with he, they always leave perked up and full of energy too. Of course it all starts with both parties getting fully nude, and the stud lays on his belly as the babe climbs on top, and starts to rub his back with her perky and playful tits. And like all the scenes here, this one ends with her sucking and deep throating his cock, and then taking a nice and huge jizz load all over her cute face and breasts as well. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon with more!


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Nuru Massage – Break up advice

After breaking up with his girlfriend Ryan took a friend’s advice and went to the nuru massage house where he met this hot masseuse, Mia who promised to take good care of him. They hoped naked in the shower, where she started touching his body, then they moved into the Jacuzzi where she took his big cock in her mouth and sucked him until he shoot a big load! This dude wanted a bath massage today, and Mia was on the case. And she was on the case of advice for break up as well. And you will get a good long look at the treatment too.


Mia straight out told him, that she wants him here every few days every week for his treatment. As he will in no time be cured of his sad thoughts. And after this first session he’s convinced that it will fully work too. Well how could it not, since Mia plans to give him some nice and sensual massages and then give him a nice and hard fuck too? He’s bound to forget all about it by the time this lovely and horny babe is all done riding his cock. So watch him moaning as he lets the expert babe suck and slurp on his nice and hard cock, and see him shoot his load on her cute face.

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Soapy shower massage

After a wild crazy party Seth woke up hangover and decided to go and threat himself with a nuru massage. Sexy London welcomes him and invites him in the shower where she gives him a long soapy massage, rubbing his back and chest, then she starts stroking his cock making him shoot a huge load of cum! Seth was back once more, and like we said, this time the sexy babe London was going to service him. And as you can see, miss London is a mature babe with lots of experience in this kind of work. So let’s watch her working his nice body this fine day.

The shower was very pleasant for Seth as you can imagine, as this lovely lady has hands of pure gold when it comes to arousing her clients. She had his cock nice and hard in no time, and she was very much intending to have some fun with it too. And through the whole scene, you can see that this babe kept him nice and hard too. When the moment finally came, she jerked him off nice and hard while he was finger fucking her, and the moment came when they both came and the buy blasted his load all over her slutty little hands too. Enjoy it!


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Gia gives a massage

Gia walks into one of the nuru massage rooms looking for her friend who works there, and she finds this naked guy laid on the mattress waiting for his masseuse who bailed him. Gia always wanted to see how it’s like giving a massage so she offers to do him and he accepts. She gets naked and starts rubbing his body in oil, then she takes his cock in her hands and strokes his dick until he cums! Well you can bet that she is more than welcome to come back any time to practice this art, as the owners sure didn’t mind having another satisfied customer.


You can imagine that this petite cutie was quite the eye catching candy too for this guy, and he was very happy to let her have fun even though she may or may not have had experience with this. And she gets to it straight away, but it seems that she was a little bit too horny herself as soon as she got to see his nice and big cock all hard and ready. So she of course ended up giving his cock a nice and good ride with her pussy instead of finishing up her massage. It’s not like the guy was upset about it either as he was more than happy to pound that tight cunt too!

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