Nuru Massage – Telling mom and dad

Eric sees an advertising with a local nuru massage house and the picture of his step sister is on it. He decides to go down and see what’s going on, and when Asa sees him there she tries to explain him that is a temporary job. She wants to show him exactly what she is doing there and both get naked. After she runs his body he gets so horny that he asks her to play with his cock and she takes his big hard cock in her mouth! Well you get to see Asa in action once more, so you know that this show is bound to be amazing as always with her.

Well after she convinced him that if the masseuse can refuse any type of other services, other than the massage, he asked what else can there be offered if the babe does consent. Well at this point he didn’t care about his sibling anymore anyway, so Asa went full on kinky mode to show him. So take your time to see the busty and sexy Asian babe as she lets the guy pound her wet and eager cunt after she sucks him off nicely too. And to boot she also lets him blow his sticky jizz load over her nice and round sexy ass too. Enjoy and check out the previous updates too!


 Watch as Asa gives a sensual erotic full body massage!


NuruMassage – My kinky girlfriend

Eric heard that his girlfriend is visiting the nuru massage house for some services but she denies it. He decides to go there and meets Asa who is not willing to give him information’s, and she offers to give him a free massage. He accepts and she invites him in the shower where she rubs his body and starts playing with his cock. Then she takes his cock in her mouth and gives him an amazing blowjob. Well even though he didn’t get the info, he got something more awesome instead, and who knows maybe next time, he’ll visit the place with his lady friend.


Either way, Asa Akira was all over the problem, and she intended to resolve this peacefully. And you know what that entails. She took the guy straight away to the salon and she started to work his cock straight away. You know that Asa likes to fuck too most of the times since she’s always horny, so this time she could go straight to business. Watch her giving a nice blowjob to the guy as she sucks and slurps on his cock today, and enjoy the update. We will be seeing you next week as per usual with another amazing and fresh update everyone. Bye bye!

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Officer gets a free massage

Officer Winny gave a speeding ticket to one of the Nuru Girls last week, but she convinced him to give her only a warning and she will give him a free nuru massage. He agreed and went down to the place where Asa was already waiting for him. She asked him to get naked, then she revealed her sexy hot body and invited him in the bathroom. Watch as she strokes his nice big cock and plays with his balls! Well at least sexy miss Asa knows how to get out of a pinch. So let’s see her taking care of her little ticket today by “paying” her fine to this guy.

He entered the door as soon as he was off duty, and this babe was actually quite happy that he dropped by as she was looking to have some fun as well with him. Naturally, miss Akira made him feel in heaven with her massage, but that was not all, as this babe was going to give him a happy end to the scene too whether he liked it or not. To take the time to see her sucking his cock too afterwards, and see her sliding that meat pole in her pussy as well, and giving this guy the time of his life as she fucked him nice and hard this afternoon. Enjoy the view!


 Enjoy watching as Asa gets naked for the erotic massage!


Nuru Massage – The trade

If you haven’t seen Callie before, she is our sexy masseuse with cool tattoos and nice smile, and she is good at giving nuru massage. Kris is one of her new clients who gets rock hard the moment she invites him in the bathroom and gets naked. Watch as she strokes and sucks his big cock, making him shoot a massive load of cum! Well Callie is quite the hot and sexy little lady herself, and any guy that gets to have her body pressed against him can consider himself quite lucky indeed. So let’s watch Kirs getting special treatment from our babe today.

callie giving an erotic nuru massage

She just has some perfect and sexy cures that we’re sure just about anyone can agree with. And we bet it also must feel great to have her squeezing you in her arms and rubbing herself against you too. Well it seemed that at least this guy enjoyed it quite a lot. So like always, take your time to see his babe doing her little massage and then see her starting to play with his cock giving him a hand job as she kisses him passionately, and she ends up her scene with sucking his cock and making him blow his load as well today. Have fun with it and see you soon!

 Enjoy as sexy Callie strokes and sucks his client’s cock!


Alania Raye giving an erotic massage

Joey had a fight with his girlfriend and he got sick of her, so he goes to the nuru massage house where sexy Alania welcomes him on the air mattress where they both get naked. She rubs her body against his and then she gets on top of him and impales herself on his hard cock. He forgets about his girl as this sexy blonde rides him until he cums! Alania here is a very experienced little cute blonde when it comes to sensual massages and she always likes to show off what she can do with her every client. And today that was going to be no exception either.

Alania takes the dude to the private salon and there she oils herself up nicely while she also starts to kiss and touch this stud’s private parts. You can tell that she knew what she was doing, and she wanted him nice and hard for the end as well. Take the time to see her siding along his body with her own as she turns him on more and more, and then see her grabbing his cock and starting to suck it as well. Then she takes a ride on it too sliding it in her cunt and she has the time of her life fucking this lucky stud after his massage session today!


 See as this blonde rubs his body and plays with his cock!


Nuru Massage Galleries

Check out our nuru massage galleries and watch as this sexy asian is offering an amazing massage to an old friend of hers. He feels a bit weird when she asks him to get naked, but when he sees her sexy body he gets rock hard. Because she wants to impress him she decides to give him more then just an erotic massage, so she starts sucking his cock, then they are doing a 69 and he cums on her pretty face! her name is Kitty Katzu and she’s a rather petite babe as you can see. But she is more than able to take care of any man.


As another fresh week started off, there was no way that we were passing up the chance to bring you this fresh and hot update, and it’s quite amazing to see this babe at work too. Kitty was quite small compared to this stud and his humongous cock, but she was happy to take on the challenge. And since the guy got turned on, she decided to have fun with his cock some more too. See her starting off with a nice blowjob, and then watch this petite lady as she gets herself fucked hard style by the guy’s rock hard cock for the rest of the scene. See you soon!

sexy-asian-riding-a-cock sexy-asian-doing-69


Watch this Asian sucking a cock until he cums on her face!


Amber giving an erotic massage

Will hurt his back in the gym and his friend told him to go to the nurumassage house because there some pretty ladies will take extra care of him. When Will got there Amber was already waiting him, and invited him on the air mattress where both got naked and she started to rub his back, then she gave him an amazing hand job and he shoot a big load! Well let’s not delay this any further as we bet that you guys are also very eager to see just what kind of special treatment Will got for this massage session with Amber this fine day today too.

As every scene here, the babe works his body first, but she decided to stop on by his cock lastly. The guy admits that area also feels tense and is in need of relieving, and she was more than happy to take care of it as well. take the time to sit back and see her stroking his hard meat shaft until he ends up blowing a load, and then see her clean his cock off as well in the showers some more as she sucks and slurps on it. have fun and do check out the past scenes as well for some more amazing and hot scenes with sexy masseuses getting horny!


 Watch as Amber strokes his hard cock and makes him cum!


Casana gets a creampie

Brad recently broke up with his girlfriend and he’s been down ever since. A friend paid him a nuru massage and that’s how he ended up knocking at Casana’s door. She needed new clients and she made sure to please this new guy. She really knows how to massage a cock and give head, just like a real asa akira massage session! Watch as she takes his cock in her mouth and plays with his balls. His moans made her horny and she decided to make an exception and ride his cock, and all ends with a deep creampie! Well let’s not delay and see this two in action in their scene today everyone.


Casana is one of the best babes to be taking care of you, and Brad here learned it first hand as you can probably tell already. The sweet babes starts with the oily massage as you can guess, and she makes sure not to miss a single inch of this guy’s hot body. Then it’s to the showers to wash off, and this babe still isn’t done. She realized that she forgot about his cock and balls, so you get to see her keel down and fondle his balls with one hand while she sucks and deep throats his cock. Enjoy it and as always see you next week with some more scenes!


Massage Creampie

A Massage Creampie is the usual thing that gets to happen around the parlor so you know, it’s not out of the ordinary. But the even better thing that gets to happen is when lovely ladies get to experience orgasms as well. That happens to be the case with the babe here today as she gets to lay back and let her brunette masseuse take care of her lovely body and wet pussy. So naturally after a nice and long session of helping her unwind the babe spreads her legs and lets the masseuses’ tongue work that cunt of hers as she moans in pleasure here today. We bet that you will like it and like all the action around here it’s just delicious to check out the whole lesbian threesome action going down with these two! make sure that you get to check out the whole thing without fail!



HD Nuru Massage

These simply delicious and hot HD Nuru Massage Videos are ones that will blow you away for sure and you get to see of course, another amazingly hot and sexy masseuse as she gets to put her sweet and sexy hands to some very very good use this time. The guy here isn’t at his first visit and he always likes to rotate through the babes at the parlor every time he comes by too. Seems like this time he got the brown haired beauty with the perky body and tits and she’s going to make him feel real good this afternoon. Watch her spread those aromatic oils up and down his body from the very start here today and see her making magic happen as she has the guy moaning in pleasure. And of course, this HD scene wouldn’t be a true nuru massage if she didn’t give the guy a happy end too!



Creampie Massage

We know what you came here to see and we have just the special thing to show in this Creampie Massage session for this gallery to you. The Masseuse and her client go wild with one another in quite the spectacular fashion and you can rest assured that you cannot miss a single second or image of this whole deal too. The guy was horny as all hell and the lady could tell from his tensed up body, so naturally she did her best massage routine for him. That was mostly to relieve his body but also to make his cock get rock hard for herself as she aimed to use her pussy on it to take the stress out of it too. So yeah, watch closely and see sexy masseuse Emy Reyes Porn session ending with a nice creampie today and enjoy the whole fuck fest that these two took part in!




Nuru Massage Creampie


After a superb Nuru Massage Creampie the only thing that you need to check out is some more babe on babe action in the nuru parlor. This client as you can see is a beautiful and busy brunette lady with delicious curves and she knows fully well just how hot and sensual she looks as well. She aims to get to have some fun with her masseuse on the massage table and it didn’t take long for the two babes to get into the whole thing too. Watch as they kiss and caress passionately right then and there and then see them as they get to reach for one another’s sweet pussies. Enjoy the naughty nuru massage that they give one another’s pussies today and have fun with it. One can only hope to get to see the two lovely ladies playing kinky soon enough in some more fresh scenes!


Casana Lei Gets Naked

Well, you all know this lovely masseuse, and this update shows as Casana Lei Gets Naked for you all to see in one of the massage rooms today. Miss Lei is a beautiful woman with gorgeous and sexy body curves and she’s always happy to let her sexy body be seen too. So because of that she was very very happy to let you get a more detailed look at her as she gets around to strip for you and relax by herself on her nuru massage table today. Check her out taking the top off to show those perky natural tits, then see her mini skirt come off, followed by her sexy black panties, and you can check out her cute tight ass and sexy pink pussy too. But that’s not all, as the adorably hot and sexy Casana, now all naked, gets to pose sexy and sensually for you all right there as well. For more slippery masseuses please search for Jayden Lee Porn massages! Enjoy!




Nuru Massage Happy Ending


To call this a Nuru Massage Happy Ending would be an understatement to be completely honest. Casana is back in action as you can see and she has a new guy on her hands today. Well, many of the ladies at the parlor do every now and then and it’s a chance for them to not only have fun with the new guys in every way they want, but assure their loyalty in the future. So since Casana was going to show the guy a thing or two, the happy end was going to be quite amazing for him. And her as well as she just couldn’t stop playing with that cock once she was done with the massage. You can see kortney kane nuru session for more oily rubbings! Sit back and watch the sexy miss Lei suck that cock and ride it until she makes the guy blow his load all over. She helps him clean up after as well, but you can bet that he won’t be forgetting this experience soon!


Nuru Massage Full

Seems like we get to show off more of the masseuses around here in this Nuru Massage Full pleasure scene. You have seen Casana get busy with the clients and make sure they are happy, but now you get to watch that even the nuru masseuses themselves get to have their bodies tended too as well from time to time by the other babes around. And that means that not only are they good friends, they are also fuck buddies when the time allows it. So yeah, watch a brunette masseuse from the salon give Casana a nuru massage this afternoon and see her make the babe moan in pleasure throughout the whole thing. It’s a pure treat to watch the action unfold in this Tia Ling porn scene and we bet that you’ll agree. See miss Lei have an orgasm from the full pussy massage today and have fun!



Nuru Sex Creampie


Once again Casana shows what she’s got with an amazing Asa Akira nuru Sex Creampie scene this afternoon and another one of her favorite clients. You all know that she takes really good care of them every time they drop by be them guys or gals and she puts everything she knows into every single massage. So let’s watch this nuru session unfold as she gets to end up spreading her legs for the guy and taking a creampie in that lovely pussy. But before that, you get to see her talent for making everyone unwind and de-stress at work with those hands and her batch of oils as she works that guy’s body up and down for a good long while too. But the whole thing as you can see ends with her massaging his cock lastly with her cunt and taking his jizz load inside her today!


Nuru Massage With Creampie

What is best to see after a Nuru Massage With Creampie ? well you already know. That’s seeing one more lady n lady massage session as miss Lei and her buddy at the salon get to play with one another. They both had time off this fine afternoon and they were quite eager to get to make good use of it as they got to play with each other’s bodies. So let’s check out the brunette and the blonde masseuses as they get to show one another a good time by pleasing one another here today. You can see clothes fly off and sexy and luscious bodies revealed in all their glory for this one and on top of that some sexy nuru lesbian sex too. See the two lovely babes employ the use of sex toys too and watch them plunge those nice and deep inside one another’s sweet cunts. Have fun with it!



Creampie Surprise

Lo and behold, miss Casana is getting herself another Creampie Surprise in this one and rest assured that it’s one to be seen for sure. The guy she has on her hands is another one that will get the special treatment and nice happy end to his little one on one massage session with Casana and rest assured that he will pretty much adore every single second of it all too. Let’s just watch the babe get naked along side the guy and then see her taking him to the nuru mattress to get on with the massage. She works that body all over and rubs her whole body on him as well as you know that a nuru massage is always emphasizing as much skin contact as possible to relieve stress. And for the end you can check her out wrap her legs around him and making him cum in her pussy!



Nuru Creampie Porn


It’s a new scene and while not featuring some new nuru creampie porn , this one features the masseuse taking care of another lovely blonde lady and that eager pussy of hers with style. The blondie gets to lay back on the table while while miss Lei gets to start her lovely session with those amazing hands of hers. But she can tell that this blonde beauty needs her pussy tended to and she intends to make it so that she won’t forget the amazing feelings she’s going to be experiencing today. Watch those long sexy legs spread open and see that sweet pink pussy tended to pretty much right away by Casana here. She has the babe moaning in no time as she starts to massage that cunt and slide her fingers in and by the time this little lady’s nuru massage is done, she’s had a very very nice orgasm and is fully pleased as well with it just like Miko Sinz is after each one of her slippery oily massages!


Nuru Massage Creampie Porn

It’s one more show featuring some nuru massage creampie porn action yet again and Casana of course is at the center of it all. This session gets to go down by the bath tub as the busty masseuse has a different kind of massaging to do. As you know nuru just means close contact massaging of sorts. So it doesn’t matter really where it happens as long as the person doing the massaging puts their whole body to work pressed against the recipient. So since this takes place in the tub mostly, you can watch the sexy masseuse all wet as she gets busy with the guy’s body here today. And the end to it comes with her letting the guy jizz in her pussy while he fucks her missionary on the side there. She concludes this little massage with that and it’s truly one to remember. Enjoy it as well and watch the babe in action!



Full Nuru Experience


Back to seeing some more of Casana and the other masseuse, it looks like they are in full swing with another sensual and sexy little action scene to see and they show off the full nuru experience that ladies visiting the salon get to have too. Casana Lei gets to be the one to sit back as usual and let her friend with the bight coral blue panties do the rest, which is of course helping her unwind with a full body nude massage and playing with her pussy at the end there. All of the massages here at the nuru massage parlor have to have a happy end, no exceptions allowed. So sit back and enjoy the treat as Casana gets to lay back and have her body toyed with and massaged and see her finger fucked in it as well. It’s a truly glorious and amazingly hot and sexy scene!


Nuru Creampie HD

If you wanted to see a nuru creampie HD massage session, you are in the right place as miss Casana has more naughty images to reveal from her massaging sessions. There’s no better place to see High Definition action with lustful and sexy masseuses getting naughty than this masage parlor and you know that all sessions have a happy end to them too. Casana in particular, when it comes to the masseuses around here, has a thirst for making guys cum inside her at the end of their time together for the afternoon and she’s quite proud of the fact that she takes their creampies every time. Well rest assured that that’s just one of the reasons why this nuru masseuses is so adored and loves. Check it out and see the rest of them as well right here and right now!



Casana’s Lesbian Massage


You know Casana likes to unwind in quite the naughty ways too after a long day of massage sessions to. That’s why she has her friend at the same salon here use those masterful hands on her body too. The masseuses like to play with one another like this and it helps them unwind after a long day too. So watch Cassana’s lesbian massage session unfold once again this time with her more busty friend putting everything she has into making sure that her friend is nice and relaxed and ready to leave her shift all refreshed. Casana just adores to let go of all inhibitions when she’s with her friend here, so expect to see the masseuses engage in some pretty sensual lesbian action just for your and their pleasure. Make sure you check it all out and all the other goodies around here with even more sensual and sexy masseuses in action!


Perfect Massage

Some people say that there’s no such thing as the perfect massage out there in the whole world, but we disagree. Especially when it comes to miss Lei and her particular brand of nuru massage as well. Today you can get ready to see the sexy and perk masseuse give precisely that perfect and amazing massage to this guy as he gets to lay back and just enjoy the experience. And even then, that’s a bit hard not to do when you have quite the beautiful and sexy woman ride right on top of you and rubbing herself all over your body up and down. And of course she had his cock nice and hard as well as she needed to get to have that meat all to herself for the ending bit. That’s what makes these massages perfect, it’s those happy end sex sessions at the end that make them superb!



Hairy Nuru Creampie


No creampie in this one either as we get to watch miss Lei and her buddy play again. The usually hot and horny session is made even more so with the two women in action here today and we bet that your eyes will be glued to the screen as you get to watch them enjoy themselves. The hairy nuru creampie comes in the next one, but for now, you can enjoy another sensual and sexy lesbian scene with Casana and her friend. Watch the babe use her hands to start that sensual nuru massage with her perky breasts, fondling them and playing with them as Casna enjoys it a lot and gently moans in pleasure with every touch of those expert hands. Soon those same hands slide under the towel and those fingers in Lei’s pussy and she gets herself some nice fingering for her pussy massage too today!


Nuru Creampie Compilation

This gallery is a nice and hot nuru creampie compilation featuring the one and only sexy masseuse Casana. You’ve seen her get all wild and kinky with ladies and gents so far and it’s about time to see the cutie in a compilation of shots in this one. The horny masseuse does pretty much everything that can come to your mind in her massage sessions and the guys and gals that got to have her as their designated nuru masseuse sure had the time of their lives. Well the compilation here shows off the busty babe’s ability to make guys cum for her and there’s plenty of that action to see. On top of that you get to watch how she gets the guys hard with the aid of her body and of course that implies her rubbing herself all over their bodies too. So have fun with her milking those big cocks today!



Girl on Girl Massage


We know you’re eager to see Casana go into some more girl on girl massage sessions here and we’ve got you covered with that. The blondie and her brunette buddy are at it once more to show off some naughty scenes to you and we can pretty much guarantee that you will just adore this one as well. On top of them getting all touchy feely during the massage, you can see the babes employing the aid of a nice sex toy as well on those lovely pussies. And like we mentioned, this show is full of girl on girl action with the two of them today. Watch them mostly nude as they start to touch one another all over and enjoy the sight of this lesbian nuru massage here. And before the end of this hot gallery you will of course get to see them making each other reach orgasm as well. Check it all out and enjoy it!


Creampie Nuru

Last but not least there’s another creampie nuru shot that you need to check out with the beautiful and lovely Casana here. Her and the regular client are in the tub again for this one and they are ready to show off everything too. Of course this will end with a creampie but this is a bit different as well since it’s not really a massage, but more like straight up sex. Well she still rubs her sexy body all over his body so, technically still a nuru massage? well either way, the parlor lets the masseuses treat the guys and ladies how they see fit best and it seems that Casana thinks that what this guy needs is a good ol’ fashioned fuck today. See her waking that cock off to get it hard and then check out the perky brunette getting on top of the cock and riding it until she has the guy nut!


Click here and watch her sucking that big cock in the shower!


Nuru Massage – Tough Times

Ryan is going through some tough times, he’s been fired and on top of this his girlfriend dumped him too. His best friend took him to a nuru massage session where Heather invited him on the air mattress and started rubbing massage oil on his body, then she got on top of him and rubbed her naked body against his. Next they took a shower and she took his cock in her mouth sliding her lips up and down, making him cum! And we forgot to say, but Ryan is also a new face just in case you can’t tell. So let’s see how he relaxed with his masseuse today.

Heather was very happy to get to have her fun with this fresh guy while his buddy was getting serviced too elsewhere. The babe listened to his trouble, and she was very happy to be able to help him unwind this afternoon. Watch her using her breasts and expert hands to massage his whole body first, and then she tells him that she has an extra treat for him as consolation for everything that happened lately. And so you get to see her as she gets to wrap her juicy lips around his cock and give him a blowjob that he won’t soon forget too. Enjoy the scene!


See as this hottie gives to that guy a hot massage!


Excellent recommendation

Jason Matrix went to nuru massage where Natasha asked him the password. Luckily someone recommended her to him so he knew the pass and once in he couldn’t waited to see what kind of massage is this. She asked him to undress, she got naked too and stepped with him in the shower, where they started kissing passionately, then they got in the Jacuzzi where she started playing with his hard cock and took it all in her mouth! And you can bet by now he was starting to figure out what type of oriental massage this is as well. So let’s see them in action.


Since Jason is a fresh face here, miss Natasha, explained stuff more in detail as they were having their fun, and it seems that they just made another loyal customer too. He was very pleased with her service too, and he’d be sure to request her once more in the future. So take your time to see her working his nice and thick cock with her juicy lips as she slides it in and out of her mouth with a passion. And as a first time bonus, she let him blow his load in her mouth as well. Take the time to see them play kinky this time and see you next week with another amazing scene.

 Watch this sexy masseuse giving an amazing blowjob!