Mckenzie Lee & Seth Gamble NuruMassage – One Last Job

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McKenzie Lee is relaxing in her living room looking at her cell phone when she hears a knock at her door. Judging by the puzzled expression on her face, she isn’t expecting anyone. She goes to answer the door and is greeted by Seth Gamble. He excitedly asks her if she is a legendary masseuse, explaining that he is a massage therapist who has been following her work for years.

McKenzie admits being the person he’s looking for but insists that she’s retired. Seth tries to convince her to come out of retirement and give him’one last job’ so that she can teach him everything she knows. She is hesitant, but he eventually convinces her.

In the massage room, McKenzie blows the dust off the NURU mattress dramatically before inviting Seth to disrobe and lie down. He lies down on his front. She takes her clothes off. As she pours the NURU gel on him and herself, she muses that she forgot how GOOD the gel feels. She then begins to bodyslide on him. She is a little rusty at first, but after a moment, finds her groove, and soon, Seth is moaning with pleasure. As the massage progresses, McKenzie asks Seth to flip over. Her body slides on his front and eventually sees that his dick is hard. Taking a deep breath, she slides her hand around his cock.

It’s safe to saythat McKenzie’s STILL got it!