Nuru Massage Kate Zoha & Jade Venus – Someone Who Gets It

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Kate Zoha is in need of some massage therapy but is hesitant because she’s trans and HATES the additional hassle of explaining things when booking very personal services like massages. But when her friend tells her that a local massage parlor has hired a masseuse who’s also trans, Kate is intrigued. She instantly makes an appointment with the new masseuse, Jade Venus, and has her fingers crossed that this massage experience will finally be a good one.

When Kate arrives for her massage and meets Jade, there is an instant sense of kinship between them. Immediately, Kate feels comfortable, overwhelmed by a huge sense of relief for being around someone who gets how complicated things can be sometimes. Of course, once Kate strips down and Jade begins sensually rubbing her hands all along her naked body, this sense of kinship starts to turn into something much more. There’s a sexual tension and chemistry between these two women that CANNOT be ignored, and it looks like this is really going to be the best massage experience ever!

Models: Jade Venus / Kate Zoha