India Summer Nuru Massage

We have more nuru massage galleries ready for you. Today sexy India Summer nuru expert got to massage Eric Masterson in this steamy gallery. The sexy brunette couldn’t wait to get her hands on Eric. She kept seeing him around the massage xxx parlor but never got an one on session with him. The other she was in luck because one of the other girls was missing so she took over her clients that day including Eric. The started with the usual, a hot steamy shower to get him all cleaned up for the massage, but once they got in the massage room things got hotter and hotter. She just couldn’t take her hands off him and he sure enjoyed it. After her nude oily massage the curvy masseuse started jerking off his dick and in no time she was getting fucked by him on the table. See it for yourself below!



India Summer Porn – Consensual Census

This show is titled India Summer porn – consensual consensus for a reason. See the beauty of a mature that she is, miss India has little patience for when people disturb her. And you can see that she was trying to close up shop early this afternoon when a state rep decided to drop by and interrupt her plans with some questionnaires and she wasn’t happy about it.

Well while she was in the bath and answering questions, she decided to make the most of it and use the guy too. She’d give him a totally free nuru massage this afternoon and then she’d answer more questions, and it worked. Well she did want to get some dick today so that was the main reason, but still it worked out in the end didn’t it? So yeah, sit back and check out India having some great times riding some cock today!

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Sexy India Summer Nude

india-summer-nude india-summer-nude-massage

We want to welcome you to a new and fresh sexy India Summer nude gallery in which you can see the amazingly beautiful and sexy nuru masseuse do her thing and tend to another client for the afternoon. We can bet that you will be in for a good time with her and you can rest assured that what happens here is always satisfaction guaranteed.

As the action begins, the hot little lady gets to undress and she has the guy there help her out with it as you can clearly see. She let him take off her lingerie and in exchange she’d give him quite the amazing nuru massage with a happy end as well. Check out the truly beautiful India Summer nuru masseuse as she gets to rub her body all over his and then you can watch her also having a nice and hard fuck to end it all here today. See you next time!


Free India Summer Videos

Well, you have seen India as the masseuse, but for a change you can get to see her as the client for this one. So let’s enjoy some free India Summer videos this afternoon with the beauty of a babe getting down and dirty and showing off what she’s like when she gets to be on the receiving end. Either way it’s just amazing and you most definitely need to check it out.

Her nuru masseur is her student and while she has reservations at first, she still goes ahead with it as she kind of had her eyes on him for a while. Sit back and watch her get her nuru massage and you can see her happy end for the session start with the guy eating her eager pussy out and fingering her as she moans in pleasure. Watch her do many more things as well and enjoy the superb video with miss India Summer here!

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Sexy India Summer Lesbian Massage

So you know how the nuru masseuses get to play with clients? well they do have time off every now and then and they are very very happy to get to play with one another in those cases. Sit back and take a look at a sexy India Summer lesbian massage this afternoon and check out the naughty things that she and the blonde got to do!

You are sure to love this one quite a lot when you get to watch them play nasty with each other and get naked. It’s not like the two nuru masseuses were wearing much anyway, but they look very very sexy all naked. The lesbian sex session starts with them giving each other oral pleasures, which of course, is followed by them finger fucking each other too, and all the while they moan passionately throughout. Enjoy it and see you soon!


Be Ours

Be ours is the thing that the redhaired masseuse and India Summer nuru milf, with her jet black hair asked this guy when they had him come in their massage room. They were serious about it too of course as the two nuru babes are quite the horny little ladies. Sit back and strap in, as this gallery features a threesome that you rarely get to check out and it’s exclusive too.

Of course the guy was happy to be all theirs for this one and they got to take their sweet time to get to play with one another as they undressed and of course the babes then tended to his body with some naughty massaging and rubbing themselves all over him. Of course once they are done with that, you can see them bend over and take a dicking too and they will enjoy it quite a lot too. The guy sure was lucky to get both of them.



Oily India Summer XXX Massage


You know that the lovely mature is super good at this stuff and today she has another treat for both you her fans and the guy she’s massaging as she has a oily India Summer XXX massage to show off to you all without delay here today. You see, the lovely little brunette cutie was in the mood to get super kinky and the client was there for her to play with!

We don’t really think that the guy was upset about it though, because as you can see, he fully went with it and miss India’s plan here. So yeah, there’s naturally a sexy nuru massage that gets done, but the babe puts a lot more oil than is needed to use to make her and the guy nice and slippery. After which you will be seeing her suck that cock with a passion and make the guy rock hard for her pussy that was eager to get a nice and hard pounding as well for the afternoon.


India Summer Creampie

Welcome to another fresh week and another new and superb nuru massage show. This time we present you with quite the delicious India Summer creampie scene and you can bet that you will have plenty to see as per usual as is the norm with the amazingly beautiful brunette babe here today. So let’s not waste time and get the show going.

Once the action begins, you naturally get to see miss India Summer nuru do her thing and make sure that the guy is getting nice and relaxed while he also has a great time with the whole thing as well. It’s just nice to have someone like miss India rubbing her naked body all over you in a truly wonderful nuru experience and at the end there you can see her get the cock she wants. On top of that, you can see her taking his load right in her pussy as well!



Hot Masseuse India Summer Feet

If you have a thing for sexy feet, then look no further than this scene right here as you will be able to check out miss India in a hot masseuse India Summer feet update too. We always try to bring content that fits everyone’s taste even if they are a bit odd. And of course that’s not a bad thing either. Anyway let’s watch India hard at work again today!

Her feet were not the only focal point of this superb show of course either, because as you know, she’s a horny little nuru masseuse and whenever she gets some clients at the salon she’s down to fuck them passionately be them guys or gals too. So check her out in truly amazing and sensual action for the afternoon here once more and check out her sexy feet on display as she spreads her legs and takes a big cock in her wet pussy!



Hot India Summer Anal Scene


There is another hot India Summer anal scene to be revealed to you all here today guys and gals and you will not be disappointed one bit with the show here on display either. Watch the perky and horny masseuse put another new and hot guy through the nuru massage experience and you can see how the salon assures it’s loyal clients in this one!

Of course that’s because the employees, aka the masseuses do a wonderful job at giving a relaxing massage but it’s also by the very nature of the nuru massage itself as it has the masseuse/masseur rub their bodies all over the client. And to top it off it always ends with a happy end as the principle of this massage is to grant full release, and that includes an orgasm for both ladies and gents out there. Anyway, have fun with the show!


My English Professor

Do you want to see more of India in the receiving role for a change? no problem. This gallery has her having this guy tend to her as she stars in the show called my English teacher. She does have a side job of course in addition to her little masseuse gig so she also likes to visit another salon too. And there works a guy that’s her student in English.

Well she seems intent to get some more of that dick even though she thought that she’d only do it once. But the guy was just so good with his hands and his cock that the babe can’t help herself from getting his meat in her once more for the afternoon. Just sit back and relax while you see the show unfold and you can watch her enjoying her nuru massage and after fuck as well as she wasn’t going to leave unsatisfied from this place!


India Summer POV Massaging

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be right there with the horny nuru masseuse and have her rub all over you? well you can experience it somewhat in this India Summer POV massaging scene as you can see the beauty having lots of fun with it and another client and showing you what the whole thing looks like from the client’s perspective.

The POV show begins and you can watch the pretty woman getting to rub that oil all over you to kick things off. That is followed of course by her using her amazing body to spread it all over and make you feel very very good. Then you get a full sight of the beauty sucking and slurping on your dick with a passion before she moves on and you can discover the rest for yourselves. We’ll be back again really soon with another juicy update!



Sexy India Summer and Husband



Seems that the client in miss Summer’s nuru salon today is none other than a married man making this a sexy India Summer and husband show to check out for the afternoon. Just be sure to not skip over any of the amazing images here today and you will be in for quite the juicy and kinky fuck fest that goes down at the end!

The mature beauty is very horny as usual and when she saw this hunk of a man she just couldn’t help herself but sample some of the delicious goodness that his wife does every time they fuck. Well after the oily nuru massage of course, but you’d better believe that they banged hard once that was done. We’ll leave you to it to properly check it out and see what went down and of course we’ll be back soon with more!


Hot India Summer Massage Expert

The hot India Summer massage expert is back in black as it were for this week as she has another show to put on display for you all and she’s here with another one of her female masseuse friends to show off. The blonde babe needs some massage lessons in the nuru ways from India and the mature is always happy to teach her new stuff!

Check the two babes out as they get to have the massage room all to themselves and you can see some truly incredible and hot action scenes going down with the babes all naked and rubbing each other’s bodies with the massage oil. You can see that the blonde babe picks up on lessons quick and at the end of this lesbian nuru massage she gets to full on make miss India cum and orgasm with those masterful hands too!


Full India Summer Porn Videos

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This week’s new update has a double trouble sort of deal going on as you can see. We have prepared two of the most amazing videos with India around and you get to enjoy them here exclusively in HD of course without any delay. Check out the first one where her and the red headed babe get to double team a stud and fuck his brains out as well as they take turns on his dick.

The full India Summer porn videos update concludes with the second one where her blonde friend, that you have seen around so far, gets to play with her and have her all to herself today. They get to have lots of wonderful fun with each other and they put on quite the luscious and amazing show for you all to see without delay. Just enjoy both of these videos and see lots of sensual nuru massages and sex as well. We’ll see you next time with more!

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The Kickboxer

As the new and fresh nuru massage scene starts, you can check out a fresh new gallery with India and another one of her female clients. This one is the kickboxer instructor that she has at the gym and after all the training she put her through, India was going to show her a real good time here this afternoon with a sensual and sexy massage too!

Oh and the blonde babe absolutely enjoyed the whole thing, leaving herself in India’s masterful hands just as much as the brunette mature lets herself on hers when they train. All in all it’s a wonderfully sensual show to check out and the babes are all set to have the time of their lives at the salon. Once the massage part is donezo, you can see the two babes eating each other out and having some truly sexy lesbian action as well at the end there!



Check out the sexy masseuse getting her pussy pounded!

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