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Joey Brass and sexy Emy Reyes are in the latest nuru massag update. Sexy Emy wanted to surprise her man for their anniversary and what better way that offering him one of her special massages. She asked him to come and pick her up from work and waited for him wearing only her sexy robe. He wasn’t expecting that especially because he completely forgot about this day. Of course he didn’t tell her day and enjoyed his surprise to the fullest. They had the entire parlor all for themselves so after they had their bubbly bath she took him to the massage room and started sucking off his dick, but not before she covered up her amazing body with hot oil. Then he took the charge and fucked her before the hot nurumassage creampie gift! See all the pictures!



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Check out some all new free Emy Reyes porn scenes this week and watch the cute ebony babe show off in a superb little video with this guy right here. We plan on bringing you even more animated pictures in the future with her, but for now, let's enjoy seeing her amazing nuru massage session with the client here as she shows him a good time!

Miss Emy is a chocolate skinned beauty that is drop dead gorgeous and she's a very very good masseuse to boot. So yeah, you can bet that you get to see the cutie working hard and fucking passionately for this afternoon. Anyway, show goes on with her rubbing oil all over the guy and once she is done with that, check her out sliding his cock deep inside of her lovely pussy. We're sure that you will have fun with it too and we'll see you next time with a new Jayden Lee Massage Porn Episode!


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Hey there guys and welcome to a fresh Emy Reyes anal scene today. You know that all the masseuses around the parlor are all about that happy end and that sensual nuru massage and Emy is one of the best ones at it too. Sit back and relax once again as you can see the ebony beauty have a go with another client for this afternoon.

This one starts with her rubbing all over the guy and getting him nice and excited of course. But the best part comes during the soapy massage part of this nuru session and that is where the babe gets down and dirty and starts to ride that cock nice and hard alongside with Miko Sinz Nude . Check her out in action for the afternoon here as she takes it up the ass too and you can see both her and the guy moan in pleasure at the amazing things that go down. We'll see you again soon with more!



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We know that some of you ladies and gents have a thing for sexy feet and they don't get any sexier when they come with a babe like Emy here. So yeah, enjoy a brand new sexy Emy Reyes feet scene as she goes about doing her massaging and you can check her out showing off everything she has on camera once more for the afternoon!

You already know what a lot of these amazing scenes entail, but it's nice to see that the masseuses are down to show off that extra little kink factor every now and then as well. Emy is the best at doing that of course and she prides herself on it too. Anyway, see her please the guy in every way thinkable today and see her sexy feet put to work as well during the whole thing. We'll be back again next time with yet another nuru massage scene for you all!


Hot Masseuse Emy Reyes Nude

For today's hot masseuse Emy reyes nude show there is a new guy that just dropped in at the salon and mis Emy got to scoop him up today to show him what this place is all about. She's great at making first impressions and we're sure that after the afternoon with miss Emy, this guy will be quite the regular customer around the nuru parlor too.

So yeah, as soon as the cameras get to roll, you get to see Emy taking the guy to the massage room and once inside the babe and the guy get to undress. The whole thing starts with a all nude kinky shower to prep him and you can tell by Emy's face that she is going to have lots of fun with the guy today, especially after the massage when she gives him the happy end and gets to ride that cock of his which was pretty big and thick too. Enjoy!



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One thing that we forgot to mention about Emy here that we will rectify this week is that the ebony babe here is quite the Latina cutie. So yes this dirty Latina slut masseuse has passionate Spanish blood running through her veins and that probably explains a lot about her way of going about taking care of her clients around the nuru parlor too.

But how could you go wrong with her anyway. Just look at how sexy and sensual she is in every show and no guy or gal complained thus far about her outstanding massages either. Well see her in  some bath tub action and a soapy massage for this one and you will also get to see the pretty babe letting the guy eat her pussy out too during that as she moans in pleasure. We hope that you enjoyed the show with Emy again and more will come soon!


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As another fresh week swung around we just had to bring you some more of Emy in kinky play sessions here during nuru massage sessions. And while you saw her pussy pleased, today you see a horny Emy Reyes blowjob getting done by this true pro at the art of making a body unwind in all kinds of sexy and amazingly hot ways too.

Strap in and get ready to see the show get passed the massage part quite quick as the nuru masseuse was very very horny today as well and once she saw how big the guy's cock got when she got on top she got eager to get to have it. Watch her ending up sixty nine-ing with the guy and while getting that pussy licked by his eager tongue, you can watch her luscious lips and tongue work that thick meat with great skill and expertise as well today!



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Well, we know just how eager you ladies and gents are to see more of the beauty Emy Reyes in action and pretty much like it says above, this crazy Emy Reyes XXX massage is what you have been waiting for. The pretty Latina is down to put her skills on display once more and we think that she's just getting better and better at this every time.

Now there's not much you can do to improve perfection in the first place, but this babe somehow manages to do it every time she gets to be on cam. Because that way you can see her as well. Either way, watch her in the shower, post nuru massage of course and you can see her kneeling down and blowing that hard cock with great skill and passion. And she doesn't stop until she makes the guy cum in her mouth either. Check it out!


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The shower isn't the only place that this cutie shines in either and as you can see, she has an old client come back today. Well he was new at some point, but today he's her co star in this Emy Reyes creampie show as the babe makes him nut right inside of her. So yeah, let's get it going and see Emy get kinky and nasty one more time today shall we?

The whole interesting bit is once again in the shower part after the babe does her nuru massage and makes sure that the guy is nice and relaxed. And his cock rock hard too, because there's no way you resist the temptation of such a beauty like Emy here in the first place. Anyway, sit back and watch her bend over and take it from the back. You can see her moan as the guy pounds her from the rear and blows his load inside her eager holes!



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Are you all ready to get to see one more nasty Emy Reyes HD massage ? Who are we kidding, of course you are. You didn't come all the way here to just sit around and play. You are here to see one of the best masseuses here in action. So let the show begin and let's watch the incredibly hot ebony Latina babe getting naughty for you once again.

So yet again you can see that she was a bit too horny for her own good and she kind of rushed the whole massage along. It was still a nuru style one and done well but at the guy's cock size, the babe was understandably more focused on getting some of that rather than just be a teased and be teased herself of the thought of his dick. So yeah, watch her get down to sucking that meat and taking a dicking today and enjoy it all unfold!


The Perfect Massage

Another fresh week and the time is right to see the perfect massage getting done by the resident ebony masseuse on service today. Of course it's none other than miss Emy Reyes and she's quite eager to get to have some one on one time with her client again. Let's watch her doing her nuru massage in the tub for this one and see how the guy felt.

That's a trick question. Because every guy that gets to spend time with miss Emy here, the sensual nuru Latina masseuse is always happy. See her getting the guy nice and wet and see her soap him up in this soapy massage. He is very relaxed with her gentle hands touching him all over and one can only imagine what happened next. Well not really, but we'll let you guys and gals explore that on your own and see the fuck yourselves that these two did!



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Ger ready again everyone. There's more hot Emy Reyes POV action to check out today and you will not want to miss out on this one for sure. You know this is the best place to be when you want to see horny nuru masseuses get some dick as well at the end and we figured you might want to see the Latino babe in some of this style of scene for a change.

So yeah, sit back, relax, all that stuff, and then watch as the babe goes about doing the amazing sensual nuru massage. The guy feels on cloud nine of course with her at the helm as it were and leading the way, and the juiciest part of this is when she gets to slide that big dick into her mouth there close to the end to milk his cock and balls. She got to do a lot more than just suck his cock, but you will see that yourselves once you check it out!

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