Asa Akira Nuru Massage

Jordan arrives to the Nuru house within his Anger Management treatment because his consultant advised him to try the full treatment massage that only Asa Akira nuru massage can provide. Sweet Asa welcomes Jordan in and she promises that she can help him with his problem. Throughout their massage porn session she ignores the constant complaints and chooses to take it up a step and see if her treatment will relax him. She begins to blow on his tool getting it all hard and ready for the following hardcore action. She takes out the hot Nuru gel and slide her body while stroking his dick in a final effort to release Jordan’s stress.


Well since you guys wanted to see more of miss Asa Akira massage porn today she gets around to show off her skills one more time today. This scene has her taking care of a guy’s needs all by herself but she still manages to do one superb job. And of course this guy is going to be a regular client from now on as this sexy evil angel sure made a nice first impression today. Watch her using her sexy oiled body today to massage and tease this guy, and see her giving a nice and classy happy end and she starts to suck and slurp on the guy’s cock. Have fun with it and see you next time!


Asa Akira Nuru POV


The cutie of an Asian is back in back as it were this week as she has some more naughty and juicy scenes to show off to you all without delay. She’s quite the horny little masseuse as you know, so you’d better be ready to check her our in this new Asa Akira nuru POV session. It’s a great thing to get to see the whole action from the perspective of the client for a change and you can rest assured that the view of miss Akira in action is quite the temptation. Well, sit back, relax and watch this beautiful masseuse as she does her thing and makes the guy unwind. Then you will eventually get to see her get to the happy end part of the session and you can basically watch her suck some cock to kick things off for that too. Have fun and check out the rest of the Asa Akira and Miko Sinz porn scenes around here!


Asa Akira Nuru Threesome Sex



You know that the babes around the salon get to team up sometimes and have some fun with the clients, if they request it, which this guy right here. Anyway, this is a pretty superb and sensual Asa Akira nuru threesome sex session and you get the privilege to check it all out for the afternoon. So let’s sit back and check out Asa Akira and her friend kortney kane nuru masseuse as they get around to toy around with this guy after they give him the best massage of his life, with both of them using their hot and sexy bodies to rub themselves all over him for the afternoon. We can assure you that this threesome massage session is one that you will not be forgetting soon and that there will be more like it around here too. The sexy miss Akira and her buddy had a great time fucking the client!


Asa Akira Lesbian Nuru Massage

If you thought that Asa Akira takes care of only guys in her room at the salon you’re dead wrong. Like we mentioned many times in the past, there’s plenty of hot and cute babes that drop around here to have some fun as well and they are never let down by the juicy action that goes down. This one has the cute and super sexy Asian masseuse in a Asa Akira lesbian nuru massage action scene. And right from the very start you can see Emy Reyes nude making her lady client feel right at home with her hands as she knows what buttons to push to turn her on. And since she’s quite quick do be done with the massage part, you get to see the two of them have plenty of time with one another to get even more kinky and have the aforementioned lesbian action as well in this scene. Enjoy the show!






Asa Akira Nuru Massage Blowjob


There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing, while you get to have a superbly beautiful and sexy woman right on top of you playing around and making you feel good, but also giving you quite the relaxing massage. And of course, the best part is the happy end. This is a nice Asa Akira nuru massage blowjob scene as you can see, but as you know, those haooy ends are the extra payment that the nuru masseuses like to take for their unforgettable experiences, just like the India Summer Massage session ends! And when you get to be on miss Akira’s tender hands, you will know the true meaning of heaven. Anyway, watch her massage session and then see her suck and ride that lucky guy’s cock today. And make sure that you check around the place to see even more of the hot miss Akira in action!


The Computer Geek

So yeah, as the title may suggest, this show features the computer geek in his first encounter with our masseuses here at the nuru parlor and given his reaction to the whole thing, we’re sure that this is a brand new  loyal customer in the making. Of course, Asa Akira was on the case and she was going to give him the dreamiest of times while she had him in her care for the afternoon. Just watch her having him undress and lay on the massage mattress and then see her rub oil all over his body. And of course, in the only way she knows how to do it best, by using her whole body to spread it evenly all over. She was kind of enjoying teasing him herself of course and while she was still doing the massaging she just had to toy with his cock too. Do take the time to enjoy it!




Asa Akira Porn


The best parts of all of miss Akira’s scenes is when of course she gets to play with that dick as much as she wants in every way she wants. That’s why she loves her job here at the salon so much. There’s not shortage of studs packing nice cocks and she can have her pick any day of the week as much as she wants without even trying too hard. The lovely Asa Akira porn sessions that unfold with her as she fucks her clients at the end of their massages are the best things to see as you can see her being the eager little slutty masseuse that she truly is too. So yeah, watch her once more finish up with a good and hard cock ride and then see the busty Asian babe suck that cock at the finale with a passion to make the guy blow his load too. For more asian Porn massages you can check out Tia Ling porn scenes! We bet that you will adore the sight of it!




Asa Akira Sex


Since you all adore Asa Akira sex scenes so much, here is another one of them featuring the busty Asian in the middle of another threesome porn scene. Naturally, it’s her and another of of her masseuse friends from the nuru parlor as they get to double team this guy’s cock and body for the afternoon and after seeing the two beauties entering his room this afternoon you can bet that he felt really really motivated to work extra hard on their pussies today to make sure that they get the pleasure they want as well after giving him an unforgettable time too. Like always, check the two women out as they finish up the massaging and then watch them taking turns to spread their legs for him and you can see them also moaning in pleasure while his thick cock massages those wet pussies too today!


Asa Akira Gives Amazing Nuru Massage

Like the title of this, the newspapers should read Asa Akira gives amazing nuru massage videos as she’s just incredibly good at what she does and everyone should know about it. Though if that were the case, there would probably be interminable queues in front of the parlor. Either way the nuru massages that the Asian cutie gives are ones that you will never forget and this right here is one of those. Just check out the busty cutie working that client’s body with her expert hands here today and watch him making him hard with ease too while she massages him. You know that miss Akira is one of the best masseuses at the salon and her extra payment is to have her pussy plowed by cock. So watch her do that as well and come back again soon to see more of her in action!



Telling Mom and Dad


Well probably telling mom and dad won’t be the first thing that this guy does when he gets back home though. He had a very very good time with miss Asa Akira at the salon today and it shows by the grin that he had on his face after he left. You all know what the parlor is all about here and you can see many many masseuses giving some extra sensual and sexy massage sessions to clients that always get happy ends, just like the Jayden Lee massage services! Well once the whole thing starts today you can see Akira do her thing as per usual and getting her hands all over that body of the guy and make sure that he was nice and oiled all over before she got right on top of his lovely cock. Check her out as always bouncing up and down and come back again to see her soon in more amazing action guys and gals!


Asa Akira Nuru HD

You guys want to see more Asa Akira nuru hd scenes? Well this is the right time to come and check out the stuff as the beauty has her fun with some more hard man meat and of course you can see it all unfold in this one as well just like usual. And miss Asa Akira has her special massage all ready for this guy to experience for the whole afternoon without delay here today. Just watch her have a go at the guy right from the start and as she gets right on top of him and offers up that lovely pink pussy for a nice meal to the guy.  And while he gets to eat out her sweet wet pussy, you can see miss Akira getting busy with her lovely lips on his thick meat pole today. Do take the time to enjoy the whole nuru massage creampie show as always and rest assured that there’s much more to see around the place with the lovely nuru masseuse!



Asa Akira Nuru Fuck


If you’ve been here long enough you know that the masseuses get to have fun with one another as well and in this brand new and fresh Asa Akira nuru fuck session you can see the lovely Asian babe with another one of her masseuse friends having one room at the parlor all to themselves today. They mostly wanted to try out some new toys that they got recently and as you will see, they have been put to some very very good use on one another’s lovely holes too. So yeah, sit back and relax as you can see the busty babes getting all naked and oiling each other up in this sensual japanese massage and after all that naughty foreplay see them busting out some sex toys and watch them getting put to use on those lovely pussies of theirs. We can guarantee that you will pretty much fall in love with the two of them here!


Asa Akira Threesome

Speaking about the ladies and more of their lovely action scenes, get ready to check out another amazingly hot and juicy Asa Akira threesome with the busty Asian herself and one other babe too for this one. They have this blonde muscular stud all to themselves and they usually take care of him whenever he drops by the salon every single time. So yeah, you get to have a sample of what the two lovely ladies get to do every time to him when he drops by and we can already tell you that it’s quite impressive to watch the lovely women get all over the guy and rub their naked bodies all over him while he enjoys every second of that special treatment. Of course it ends with them having him fuck them nice and hard for the rest of the show and we can assure you that it’s quite nice to check out!



Security Services


Asa Akira is one of the best masseuses around this salon and by now, we’re sure that you already know why. Her hands are simply magical when it comes to taking care of the studs that she gets and they never fail to be impressed with her services either. In this one you can see a guy from security services dropping by for his first ever session with Akira here and he’s in for the ride of his life with her today. The babe always impresses from the first session and the guy here was pretty much in awe at how good she was at making him feel nice and relaxed while he was laying down. And you can imagine him begin overjoyed that after that hot body was rubbed on him up and down, to learn that the babe wanted his cock in her as well to end it all neatly. It was quite the experience!


Asa Akira Nuru Shower

The new and hot Asa Akira nuru shower scene is here and this guy is now at his second meeting with the lovely and beautiful babe. She suggested that they share a shower as the main focus for this nuru massage and you can understand the guy wanting to go with whatever our cute and luscious Asian masseuse wants to by now as she’s the undisputed expert. So shower they did and once again you just need to sit back and watch as she works her magic and soaps his body up nicely for the better part of this scene. Of course this gets the guy rock hard but as you know, all nuru massages end with the client getting to orgasm too, be they ladies or gents and miss Akira is on the job at that as well. See her sucking his cock and making him jizz in the shower for this one to everyone!



Asa Akira Nuru Massage Me So Horny


You know that lots of the new guys end up on the hands of the more experienced and seasoned masseuses around here right? Well this Asa Akira nuru massage me so horny scene is featuring such a guy that gets to have his first taste like many others, but it seems that he’s a bit too excited about it. But no worries, that just makes miss Akira even happier as she knows for sure that she’s going to be making that dick hard with this one and then riding it as much as she wants for the afternoon as the guy seems to have enough stamina to keep up with her too. So yeah, after the soapy batch, watch Asa massaging that dick of his with her tongue and lips and check her out riding him cowgirl style as well at the end there before she makes him cum. Great action scene with the lovely babe!




Asa Akira Nude

It’s of course another fresh and new Asa Akira nude scene that you get to watch this afternoon and we promise you that it’s all you need to check out. You know how this nuru massage sessions go down every time and they are always a blast to check out. This week you can probably notice miss Akira’s sexy bikini tan-lines as she spent her weekend at the beach and we thing that those tan-lines just make her even sexier. And of course, the client for today seems to agree with that as he was hard pretty much as soon as she got right on top and she was quite happy to have that happen as you know. Well either way, see her rubbing oil as usual all over the guy and whatnot and then watch the sweet release of a good fuck as well so that both of them are feeling amazing. Enjoy!



Asa Does It Again


And by Asa does it again we mean be quite the impressive little slutty lady of course. Well slutty or not, it doesn’t matter, she can be as horny as she wants anyway as she’s supposed to get really “close” to her clients in this type of massaging anyway. And hey if it works it works. So yeah, miss Asa Akira has another hot guy all to herself and once again gets to have as much fucking action as she wants with him as she gets around to finish up the massage session of course. She does have a job to do. Anyway, once she’s done with it, you can watch Akira go straight for a nice and long blowjob as she intends to finish up the guy with style. We think that she did that wonderfully and the guy was pretty happy with it too. Enjoy it all and see you next week with some more new action!


Asa Akira Ass


If you guys are true fans of miss Akira you know what she’s all about and how much she likes to get naughty for your viewing pleasure. Well get ready to have your screens be graced by some sexy and sensual looking Asa Akira ass this afternoon, while the beautiful Asian masseuse takes her time to tend to another client. There are lots of very very gratuitous and flattering shots of her doing her naughty job from every angle and you get quite a treat with this one when it comes to volume of naughty and hot stuff to see. And like we mentioned, you get to see a lot of this lovely lady’s cute and sexy round ass as she rubs herself over the guy’s body. You can bet that he enjoyed the feeling of skin contact in this nuru massage and we’re sure he’ll be back soon once again for some more juicy stuff!



Court Ordered


Court ordered relaxing sessions aren’t something you usually see, but since the guy had issues at work with being stressed, his boss got the paperwork done to have him out of the office from now on every few days so that he may go and unwind at the nuru massage parlor. He’s already at his fourth or so session and every single time a different masseuse took care of him and made him feel on cloud nine. Today he’s in the gentle and expert hands of miss Asa Akira and you can bet that he’s not going to be forgetting the treatment she gave him either today. Watch her perform the sexy and sensual nuru massage that you all come here to see for him and see him very very happy with it overall. And it would be hard to be anything other than pleased with a beautiful babe like her right on top of you!


Asa Akira XXX Massage

So once more we’re back with a new show for you and of course some more Asa Akira xxx massage action too. If you’ve been here long enough you know what happens around this place when the cute Asian masseuse is involved and boy is this one a true treat with the babe to say the least. As you can see, miss Akira has no less than two guys on her hands this afternoon and she took care of them both. The guys are good friends so instead of having two separate sessions, she decided to have fun with them both at the same time while she had them on her massage mattress this afternoon. So after some massaging and seeing her rub her body all over them, now that they were hard, you can see her stroking both of their cocks. And naturally more follows that with her getting to do oral and many other things. Check it out!



Watch Asa offering a wet oily massage with a happy ending!